We service everything from small businesses and organizations to grand-scale corporate and municipal landscaping.

What We Do:

We design and create custom landscapes and gardens, starting with conceptual plans, creative planting plans and practical, working drawings for stylistically appropriate and well-conceived solutions for your commercial site.

We are committed to helping your company operate in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way. We are dedicated to creating landscapes that:

  • have no-pesticide or low-pesticide usage
  • incorporate native plants 
  • have low water usage 
  • include water-saving irrigation

Our beautiful, well-conceived landscape solutions—from planning and design to installation and maintenance—can include:

  • Ground-covers
  • Large Floral Bed Designs
  • Corporate Logos
  • Erosion Control and Land Restoration
  • Habitat Restoration
  • Highway and Railway Embankments
  • Strip-mine and Environmental Site Remediation


We can provide landscape design planes for DIY (do it yourself) implementation or use highly experienced and skilled landscape contractors from your area to install your customized landscape. After your landscape is installed, let us maintain it for you.

Our Design Process:

We use a combination of a personal interview and important data about your landscape site, tastes, and lifestyle. The more we know about what you want your landscape to be, the closer we can focus in on your custom design. We gather data from site photographs, Google Earth satellite images, land surveys, dimensions of garden area, amount of light vs. shade, direction, garden style preference (Traditional, Asian, Contemporary, etc.), color palette, favorite plants, aesthetic taste, and amenities that will enhance your lifestyle. 

Who We Are:

A professional collaborative landscape company with more than 50 years experience in designing and building creative solutions in the horticulture industry. We bring many different disciplines together to achieve innovative and practical solutions to meet design-plan objectives.

Commercial Implementation:

  1. Initial Consultation: Contact us either by telephone or e-mail. 
  2. We gather all information necessary to evaluate problems and recommend suitable solutions, so we are able to fulfill your site-specific application requirements.
  3. We collaborate with your architects and civil engineers in providing appropriate solutions for difficult or unique site problems.

Once we understand all the site applications, then we can submit our proposal, conforming to the clients bidding procedure.

Projects embody so many possible variables and thus are priced accordingly to plan requirements, geographic locations, mandated regulations, governmental specifications, corporate logo applications, industrial park developments, regional and site-specific considerations.

Logo Garden Designs:

We can design a landscape display of your corporate, municipal, or commercial logo.