We use a combination of a personal interview and important data about your landscape site, preferences, tastes and lifestyle. The more we know about what you want your landscape to be, the closer we can focus in on your custom design. We gather data from:

  • Site photographs
  • Google Earth satellite images
  • Land surveys
  • Dimensions of garden area
  • Garden styles (Traditional, Asian, Contemporary, etc.)
  • Amount of sunlight vs. shade
  • Color palette
  • Favorite plants
  • Aesthetic taste
  • and amenities that will enhance your lifestyle

Personalized Upgrades:

  • Aesthetic pruning
  • Koi ponds                       
  • Lighting
  • Water-features           
  • Irrigation systems
  • Outdoor kitchens           
  • Outdoor furnishings
  • Fire-bowls                       
  • Structures             
  • Custom amenities, and more!

Determined by individual project: Projects embody many possible variables and thus are priced according to plan requirements, plants, materials, geographic location, mandated regulations, regional and site-specific considerations. Growth, transportation, installation and maintenance costs are design and site dependent. (Greater Chicago and North Shore region)